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Looking for a dating app like Tinder? You are in the wrong place...

Visavis is the world's first offline dating app.

Traditional dating apps force you to play a game of swiping, matching, messaging and waiting. Who has time for that?


Visavis leverages technology to empower you to establish offline dates, effortlessly. Our core belief is that dating is best experienced with all five senses.

Time Efficient

Dating apps force you to spend too much time looking for options online, for too little payoff in offline dates. Visavis does exactly the opposite.


Fuelled by anonymity, traditional dating apps foster rude and offensive behaviour. Visavis ensures that you will never receive any negative messages.

Visavis Reviews

Visavis offers a unique and authentic dating experience that I couldn't find in any other dating app. I'd recommend Visavis to my friends without any reservations!


Visavis User

I used to spend countless hours swiping my life away and getting nowhere in terms of actual dates. A friend recommended Visavis and I never looked back.


Visavis User

Visavis is for individuals who want to meet new people to flirt and have fun with. It's not for everyone, but if you are fun, social and adventurous then it's definitely for you.


Visavis User

My experience showed that I had the best chance of meeting with someone on Visavis. Other dating apps attracts all the wrong people who are not serious about dating.


Visavis User

Join Visavis in the quest to redefine dating

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