Looking for a dating app like Tinder? You are in the wrong place.

Visavis is the world's first offline dating app.

Online dating apps force you to play a game of swiping, matching, messaging and waiting. Who has time for that?


The Visavis app leverages technology to assist you in establishing real dates. Dating is best experienced when all five senses are stimulated.


Anonymity in dating apps provides a fertile environment for negative behaviour. Visavis ensures that you will never receive any rude or negative messages.


Safety should not be taken lightly. Visavis has been carefully designed to safeguard and protect you from the unforeseen online & offline risks.

Time Efficient

Dating apps force you to spend a disproportionate amount of time online for too little of a payoff in real dates. Visavis does exactly the opposite.


I never expected that a dating app could be so convenient and pleasant to use. Visavis offers a unique dating experience that I couldn't find in other dating apps.


Early User

Outstanding app that definitely stands out from all the other generic and almost identical dating apps out there. A truly innovative way of dating!


Beta Tester

I love the app design and how easy and intuitive it is to use. It feels like it's Apple that designed the app. Less swiping, more dating!



Getting a date on Visavis is effortless... After many frustrating years of using Tinder, I can now finally delete it from my phone and replace it with Visavis!



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